Origin and Goal



The origin of Care for Family is like her logo


inspired by the sign of a phoenix which signifies rebirth


and the classical Greek sign of healthcare

Care for Family is set up for the need in enhancing holistic health of our population ranging from adolescents, university students, housewives, career men and women as well as the retired population in areas of sexuality and gender issues, fertility and contraception needs as well as healthy lifestyle changes.

Members of our society in Hong Kong are challenged with daily stressors typical of modern developed societies which include basic and advanced financial needs, overwelming information and social networking, performance pressure at work, at school, at home or in society, as well as some global change of society. Some of us in our society are not at ease with their own sexuality and gender or confused with their fertility or contraceptive choices. In these areas, our population may face conflicting information from the media and need help to make the right choices. Doctors often provide us with the various choices but at times the clients need extra time and counselling for explanation before they can make their own decisions for their own health. On being advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as stopping to smoke, trying to control weight or to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality, clients may need continuous support to initiate and maintain health promotional behaviour as well as to prevent relapses.